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Another busy week for Spanish sides, with league, cup, Europa League and Club World Cup games in the last seven days. Barcelona travelled to Japan immediately after last Saturday's game in the Bernabeu, and for the second time in three years they were crowned World Champions after beating Santos 4-0 in the final, with goals from Messi (2), Xavi and Fàbregas. Back on planet Earth Athletic Bilbao and Atlético Madrid played out their fairly meaningless last mini-league games against two French sides in the Europa League, both having already ensured top spot in their respective groups. Falcao converted a penalty as Atlético beat Rennes 3-1, but Athletic Bilbao lost 4-2 to Paris Saint Germain. On Tuesday evening the other 17 first division teams took part in the fourth round of the cup, and although most coaches gave a run out to reserve players, Ronaldo, Callejón, Michu, Kanouté and Nekounam (the last two with their fifth of the season) all got their names on the scoresheet.

Only nine league games at the weekend, with Barcelona and Rayo having already played their week 17 fixture last month. In Barça's absence Real Madrid moved back to the top of the table after hammering Sevilla 2-6, curiously the same result as last season. Imagine the odds you could have got on that! Cristiano Ronaldo answered his critics with another hat-trick, (his fifth of the season in the league!), Di María netted his fifth in all competitions, and Callejón got one as well before he had to go off to make room for Pepe's replacement, with Negredo scoring his fifth goal of the season for the Andalusians late on. The Sevilla striker is one of the men in line to take over from David Villa in the Spanish side after "El Guaje" broke his leg in Japan, but he will have serious competition from Soldado, who scored both of Valencia's goals against Málaga, and maybe even from Sporting's Barral, another of the Real Madrid B exiles to get his name on the scoresheet this weekend. Elsewhere Koné's sixth of the current campaign for Levante was not enough to prevent a defeat at Granada, and Susaeta (Athletic), Sergio García (Espanyol) and Ibrahima (Osasuna) also joined the group on five goals. (19.12.11)

Pichichi League Cup Europe Total (Penalties)
Messi (Barcelona) 17 3 9 29 (2)
Ronaldo (Real Madrid) 20 2 3 25 (8)
Soldado (Valencia) 11 0 5 16 (1)
Higuaín (Real Madrid) 12 0 2 14 (0)
Benzema (Real Madrid) 8 1 4 13 (0)
Falcao (Atlético) 9 0 3 12 (4)
Fàbregas (Barcelona) 8 0 3 11 (0)
Adrián (Atlético) 5 1 5 11 (0)
Villa (Barcelona) 5 1 3 9 (0)
Llorente (Athletic Bilbao) 6 0 2 8 (2)
Barral (Sporting Gijón) 7 0 0 7 (0)
Michu (Rayo Vallecano) 6 1 0 7 (0)
Xavi (Barcelona) 5 0 2 7 (0)
Callejón (Real Madrid) 2 1 4 7 (0)
Juanlu (Levante) 6 0 0 6 (0)
Koné (Levante) 6 0 0 6 (0)