White Stick Awards

Lots to talk about this weekend, mainly about penalties! Atlético Madrid were steaming at Ramírez Domínguez after he turned down three clear penalty appeals from them in the match at Villarreal, and sent off the manager as he came on the field to try and calm down some heated arguments at half time. It wasn't all in Villarreal's favour though, he also turned down further spot kick appeals by the locals after the break. Clos Gómez had no problems awarding penalties though in the match between Sevilla and Villarreal - he actually awarded three, the third of which in Sevilla's favour was if anything the other way round as Negredo barged in to the keeper and defender chasing a ball in to the six yard box. Nobody else saw what he saw (we haven't seen one media report in his favour), but it gave the three points to the Andalusians. And Alvarez Izquierdo gave two spot kicks in the game between Valencia and Mallorca, the first in Mallorca's favour more than dubious. He made up for it late on though, turning down a much clearer claim for another foul on Chori Castro in injury time. By then though Mallorca had won. (28.10.10)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Muñiz Fernández 6 43 5 48
Ramírez Domínguez 5 38 4 42
Clos Gómez 5 34 5 39
Alvarez Izquierdo 5 33 2 35
Iglesias Villanueva 4 28 2 30
Delgado Ferreiro 4 27 1 28
Velasco Carballo 4 26 1 27
Texeira Vitienes, J.A. 5 24 1 25
Iturralde González 3 23 1 24
Undiano Mallenco 3 24 0 24