White Stick Awards

Clos Gómez comes rocketing in to our charts this week after producing twelve yellow cards and four reds in the bad-tempered game between Real Madrid and Sevilla. "Mamma mía!" said Mourinho in the post-match press conference, as he held up a sheet of paper listing what he said were 13 serious mistakes by the referee! As far as we know the list was never made public (it may have just been his laundry list!), but other commentators in the Madrid based press pointed out four offsides that weren't, penalties not given for a foul on Granero and a possible hand-ball by Zokora, and the sending off of Carvalho for a second booking for a foul on Negredo when the player said that, rather than a flying elbow, it was a clash of heads which caused injuries to the two men. The disciplinary committee turned down the appeal for the second booking however as the video evidence was not clear, although they did cancel one of the bookings for Sergio Ramos. Clos didn't have it easy though as even the coaching staff were at loggerheads with each other, and Sevilla president Del Nido complained that the referee was constantly under pressure from the local players and the crowd to give decisions in Madrid's favour. It seems you have to have skin like a Tyrannosaurus Rex to be referee in La Liga these days! (23.12.10)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Muñiz Fernández 13 76 9 85
Alvarez Izquierdo 11 77 5 82
Paradas Romero 10 73 5 78
Iglesias Villanueva 11 72 5 77
Velasco Carballo 10 71 5 76
Clos Gómez 9 59 9 68
Estrada Fernández 9 64 4 68
Ramírez Domínguez 10 62 5 67
Teixeira Vitienes, J.A. 11 59 4 63
Delgado Ferreiro 10 59 3 62