White Stick Awards

Levante have enough problems staying in the first division without referees ganging up against them! But for the second week in a row they were denied a draw by a bad refereeing decision near the end of their game. This time it was Alvarez Izquierdo who disallowed a late goal after a quickly taken indirect free kick, Rubén's strike not only catching out the Zaragoza defence but also the officials, who were looking the other way at the time. Maybe it was the fog that clouded their vision? Whatever the case, Levante coach Luis García was shown a red card for his protests. And talking of protests, our old friend Mourinho was in the news again after he said he hoped that Pérez Lasa never refereed his team again. Pérez had ruled that a last minute Ronaldo free kick had hit Mbami's arm outside of the area, when the Almería defensive wall had been standing a yard inside the penalty box at the referee's insistence. The arbitrators committee took offence to his criticisms though and will probably be opening up an investigation. (19.01.11)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Alvarez Izquierdo 13 92 6 98
Muñiz Fernández 15 88 9 97
Iglesias Villanueva 13 83 6 89
Velasco Carballo 11 79 5 84
Clos Gómez 11 71 10 81
Paradas Romero 11 74 5 79
Ramírez Domínguez 12 73 6 79
Estrada Fernández 11 73 4 77
Undiano Mallenco 11 72 2 74
Turienzo Alvarez 12 70 2 72