White Stick Awards

Let's see if we can get through this report without mentioning José Mourinho for once - oops, I just mentioned him! Mou had nothing to say though about Iturralde's impeccable performance in the Bernabeu, but his predecessor, the usually placid Pellegrini, did lose his cool for once at Rubinos Pérez's show during the visit of his Málaga to Valencia. Rubinos sent off Demichelis for giving away an early penalty on Mata when he probably should have pulled the play up beforehand as the forward was offside, and he then turned down an appeal by Eliseu at the other end. And just when Málaga were bravely getting back in the game with ten men, he showed a straight red to Helder for what he considered to be a rude gesture (which the appeals committee overturned on video evidence). It was too much for Pellegrini, who was also sent up in to the stands for his protests, and the coach will have to put out a depleted side next weekend after Apoño and Weligton also incurred the wrath of the officials at the end of the game. The professor will be hoping that he doesn't cross paths with Rubinos again this season! (26.01.11)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Alvarez Izquierdo 14 100 7 107
Muñiz Fernández 16 93 9 102
Undiano Mallenco 14 91 2 93
Clos Gómez 13 82 10 92
Velasco Carballo 13 86 5 91
Iglesias Villanueva 14 83 6 89
Turienzo Alvarez 14 87 2 89
Ramírez Domínguez 13 81 7 88
Estrada Fernández 13 84 4 88
Paradas Romero 11 74 5 79