White Stick Awards

Alvarez Izquierdo got in to a bit of a pickle during and after the Monday night match between Racing Santander and Valencia. In his post-match report (published on the Federation website) he said that both David Navarro (a non-playing substitute) and Lacen had been shown yellow cards for protesting, and when they continued to protest he sent them off with a straight red. Both clubs appealed as the second offence was a continuation of the first, and the disciplinary committee agreed, cancelling the first yellows but allowing the reds to stand, with a consequent two match ban. But then it transpired that Alvarez had sent in an annex correcting his first report, saying that in fact the red cards were actually second yellows, albeit that that still meant a red card for each. So the appeals committee reopened the case and decided, on the basis that the two yellows were in fact for one offence, that only one yellow would be applied to each. Consequently the two match bans were dropped, and the players will be available next weekend. Anyone still following?!? (04.02.11)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Alvarez Izquierdo 15 109 10 119
Muñiz Fernández 17 104 9 113
Undiano Mallenco 15 100 2 102
Clos Gómez 14 87 10 97
Ramírez Domínguez 14 88 9 97
Turienzo Alvarez 15 93 2 95
Velasco Carballo 13 86 5 91
Iglesias Villanueva 14 83 6 89
Estrada Fernández 13 84 4 88
Paradas Romero 12 80 5 85