White Stick Awards

Turienzo Alvarez certainly doesn't like anyone taking quick free kicks! The referee ruled out a goal by Atlético's Tiago on the stroke of half time as he was busy booking Barcelona's Dani Alves at the time, and he had not given permission for the restart (the Brazilian full back was lucky it was not a red card, ditto Pedro earlier on). And later in the second half he halted play and booked Messi after he hit the post with another quickly taken kick. In that case though it appears that the Barça players had asked for the defensive wall to be placed at the right distance, and in those cases they should wait for the referee's whistle before putting the ball back in play. It seems Turienzo was right on both counts. (09.02.11)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Alvarez Izquierdo 16 118 10 128
Muñiz Fernández 18 112 9 121
Undiano Mallenco 16 108 2 110
Ramírez Domínguez 15 93 9 102
Turienzo Alvarez 16 98 2 100
Clos Gómez 14 87 10 97
Velasco Carballo 13 86 5 91
Iglesias Villanueva 15 85 6 91
Estrada Fernández 13 84 4 88
Teixeira Vitienes, J.A. 14 82 5 87