White Stick Awards

Mateu Lahoz captured the headlines this week after sending off Casillas in only the second minute of the match at Espanyol. There were a few doubts, maybe it should have been yellow as it was not obviously a clear scoring chance, maybe Callejón was in a marginal offside position when he picked up the ball before the keeper brought him down outside of the area, etc. But in general Mateu was not given too hard a time for what was a brave decision, and even Mourinho said he still liked the referee, as he let players get on with the game. Certainly he has been given top ratings by the sporting press, and Marca, who give out the "Guruceta" prize each year for the best referee, has him leading their rankings this season. (16.02.11)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Alvarez Izquierdo 16 118 10 128
Muñiz Fernández 18 112 9 121
Undiano Mallenco 16 108 2 110
Turienzo Alvarez 17 104 3 107
Ramírez Domínguez 16 97 9 106
Clos Gómez 14 87 10 97
Velasco Carballo 14 91 5 96
Estrada Fernández 14 89 4 93
Iglesias Villanueva 15 85 6 91
Pérez Lasa 14 84 4 88