White Stick Awards

Depending on which paper you read, Barcelona should either have drawn against Athletic Bilbao or won by a bigger margin than 2-1 (the actual result). The Madrid based press pointed out that Dani Alves was in an offside position when he set up David Villa for Barça's opening goal, and Marca have even docked Guardiola's side two points in what they call "La Otra Liga", an alternative league table based on the views of a Madrid based journalist who has already incurred the wrath of fans from Catalunya and beyond. In Barcelona though they question the validity of the penalty which Busquets committed on Llorente, and claim two penalties of their own on Pedro and Messi. Meanwhile the poor man in the middle Ramírez Domínguez did his best to keep order in what could well be his last visit to the Nou Camp prior to retiring at the end of the season. Passions are strong here in Spain, and often your views depend on whether your glasses are white or red and blue striped! (23.02.11)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Alvarez Izquierdo 16 118 10 128
Muñiz Fernández 18 112 9 121
Ramírez Domínguez 17 103 9 112
Turienzo Alvarez 18 109 3 112
Undiano Mallenco 16 108 2 110
Clos Gómez 15 88 10 98
Estrada Fernández 15 92 5 97
Velasco Carballo 14 91 5 96
Pérez Lasa 15 89 4 93
Iglesias Villanueva 15 85 6 91