White Stick Awards

Referees were certainly not in the mood to give penalties this weekend! Muñiz Fernández turned down two appeals by David Villa, Fernando Teixeira Vitienes one from Cristiano Ronaldo and one from Agüero, Velasco Carballo two from Joaquín and Clos Gómez two by Levante against Depor's Colotto. Probably the biggest mistake of the weekend though was by Turienzo Alvarez, who failed to spot that Sporting's Miguel del las Cuevas controlled the ball with his arm before scoring the only goal of the match against Almería. With the game coming to an end Eguren appeared to handle the ball in his own area, an incident which was not clear, but with all that had gone on before all hell was let loose on the Almería bench, resulting in red cards all round (see "Villains" section for more). Not the best of weekends for our beloved refs. (24.03.11)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Alvarez Izquierdo 19 140 13 153
Muñiz Fernández 21 133 10 143
Turienzo Alvarez 20 124 5 129
Undiano Mallenco 20 125 3 128
Clos Gómez 18 105 11 116
Ramírez Domínguez 18 107 9 116
Velasco Carballo 17 103 6 109
Fernández Borbolán 16 96 12 108
Pérez Lasa 17 101 6 107
Estrada Fernández 17 101 5 106