White Stick Awards

Was it hands or not? Depends whether you read the Barcelona press or the Madrid press, but there was no clear camera angle which showed whether Piqué controlled the ball with his arm or not when he scored Barça's only goal at Villarreal. Ramírez Domínguez didn't think so though, and that was the only opinion that counted. Real Madrid may consider themselves unlucky too not to have been awarded a penalty when Sporting's Lora handled in the area, and again there was no clear picture to verify whether González González was right to rule out an early strike by Carvalho after his linesman flagged that the ball had gone out of play before Albiol turned it back towards goal. Decisions that decide a league, but really though if Madrid had taken their chances it would have all been fairly academic. (07.04.11)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Alvarez Izquierdo 19 140 14 154
Muñiz Fernández 21 133 10 143
Undiano Mallenco 21 129 3 132
Turienzo Alvarez 20 124 5 129
Ramírez Domínguez 19 113 9 122
Velasco Carballo 18 111 6 117
Clos Gómez 18 105 11 116
Fernández Borbolán 17 102 13 115
Iturralde González 17 106 4 110
Pérez Lasa 17 101 6 107