White Stick Awards

So how did he do, the "Brylcreem Boy"? Muñiz Fernández drew the short straw this weekend, being put in charge of a bad tempered clash between Real Madrid and Barcelona. And his performance didn't please either side, which probably means he more or less got it right! The Barcelona camp felt they should have had a penalty in the first half when Casillas brought down Villa in the area, and didn't agree that the tackle by Alves on Marcelo late on warranted a penalty. Mourinho and his boys however thought that Albiol's red card was a bit harsh, but also complained that Alves (already on a booking) was not shown even a yellow card when giving away the second penalty. Next up Undiano Mallenco for Wednesday's cup final, but one thing's for sure - being a referee in any match between Barcelona and Real Madrid isn't going to make you many friends! (21.04.11)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Alvarez Izquierdo 21 147 14 161
Muñiz Fernández 23 143 11 154
Turienzo Alvarez 22 140 6 146
Undiano Mallenco 21 129 3 132
Clos Gómez 20 119 11 130
Ramírez Domínguez 19 113 9 122
Paradas Romero 17 111 8 119
Iglesias Villanueva 20 112 7 119
Velasco Carballo 18 111 6 117
Pérez Lasa 18 109 7 116