White Stick Awards

Referees decisions are important at this point of the season, and if Deportivo and Hércules do go down, they could point to this round of games as the turning point. Depor in particular were upset at Estrada Fernández after he awarded two penalties to their opponents Sporting Gijón, the last a dubious decision in the third minute of injury time which cost the Galicians two points. The first penalty was totally wrong though, Estrada booking Laure for what he considered to be hands in the area when the ball actually hit him on the back! The disciplinary committee overturned the caution, but the referee's performance upset the usually mild-mannered Lotina so much that he got himself sent off for his protests. Hércules too were unhappy that Pérez Lasa disallowed what would have been an equaliser by Abraham Paz against Racing, and then sent off Valdez for something he didn't do (see "Villains" section). Hércules lost the match and are now very close to being relegated. (10.05.11)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Muñiz Fernández 25 159 13 172
Alvarez Izquierdo 22 151 14 165
Undiano Mallenco 24 152 6 158
Turienzo Alvarez 23 147 7 154
Clos Gómez 21 127 11 138
Ramírez Domínguez 21 128 9 137
Estrada Fernández 20 125 7 132
Velasco Carballo 19 122 6 128
Fernández Borbolán 19 114 13 127
Iglesias Villanueva 21 117 7 124