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Was it a penalty or not, that was the question on several thousand television screens and millions of lips on Saturday night. The incident happened at the end of the game between Valencia and Real Madrid, when the ball hit Higuaín as he was lying on the ground in front of his own goal. Madrid were leading 2-3 at the time, and referee José Antonio Teixeira decided that it had hit the striker on the chest and not on the arm, no penalty. Those were the only two lips that mattered though, and despite the countless replays of the incident from every angle, the decision stood. Leagues are won and lost at moments like that!

The following day Clos Gómez was faced with a difficult choice when one of his linesmen was hit and cut on the face by an umbrella thrown from the crowd during the match between Granada and Mallorca. Clos had no doubt though suspending the game with only an hour on the clock, and under La Liga rules the two teams will have to play out the remaining 30 minutes, probably behind locked doors, at a later date. (23.11.11)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Turienzo Alvarez 7 63 3 66
Teixeira Vitienes, J.A. 7 50 1 51
Paradas Romero 6 42 6 48
Muñiz Fernández 7 40 8 48
Fernández Borbolán 7 44 4 48
Iglesias Villanueva 7 43 3 46
Del Cerro Grande 6 40 2 42
Undiano Mallenco 6 40 1 41
Ayza Gámez 8 36 3 39
Pérez Lasa 6 34 4 38