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Barcelona lost for the first time this season, although the result could have been different had Fernando Teixeira Vitienes not ruled out a late strike by Messi for offside. Was it or wasn't it? Depends whether you read the press in Barcelona or Madrid! The rival newspapers were also divided about the decisions of Mateu Lahoz in the city derby between Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid. Real were losing when Mateu awarded a penalty for a foul by Courtois on Benzema The decision was probably correct to award a spot kick, but did he have to send off the keeper, or for that matter did he have to send off Godín as well later on for another penalty? Once again the men in black were in the thick of it! (30.11.11)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Turienzo Alvarez 7 63 3 66
Fernández Borbolán 8 49 5 54
Paradas Romero 7 47 6 53
Teixeira Vitienes, J.A. 7 50 1 51
Muñiz Fernández 7 40 8 48
Pérez Lasa 7 42 5 47
Undiano Mallenco 7 46 1 47
Iglesias Villanueva 7 43 3 46
Velasco Carballo 6 43 4 43
Del Cerro Grande 7 41 2 43