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Barcelona were very unhappy with Velasco Carballo this weekend after the referee waved away three pretty good penalty appeals and also sent off Piqué with a rather harsh red card (see "Villains" section). The club feel that they have been hard done by recently as regards refereeing decisions, although nobody (well, maybe one or two people...) is using it as an excuse for being ten points behind Real Madrid at the moment. Real Sociedad were also upset at Mateu Lahoz after he failed to spot that a shot from Carlos Vela crossed the line before Athletic keeper Iraizoz cleared it away. He also didn't see that Javi Martínez touched the ball with his hand whilst on the ground in an attempt to stop it going in, and as the defender already had a yellow card, that would have left Athletic with ten men. Real were only a goal down at the time, and the 2-0 final result may have been very different. To top it all though Mateu tore a strip off his linesman after he flagged to say that it was a goal - "you're always making mistakes.." cameras picked him up as saying. Humble pie on the menu at the Mateu household for a few days, we bet! (07.03.12)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Velasco Carballo 16 116 13 129
Paradas Romero 15 115 9 124
Muñiz Fernández 16 112 10 122
Turienzo Alvarez 15 115 3 118
Iturralde González 14 106 9 115
Alvarez Izquierdo 16 107 7 114
Fernández Borbolán 17 106 8 114
Estrada Fernández 18 106 6 112
Teixeira Vitienes, J.A. 15 102 6 108
Pérez Lasa 15 97 1 107