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We all know about the "good cop - bad cop" routine, but it looks like we have something similar on the refereeing front in Spain! Last week it was the "good refs" turn, and there were only 49 bookings, no red cards, and three penalties. However this week the "bad refs" were in action, and we ended up with 79 yellow cards, eight reds, and six penalties! As you can read in our villains section, several of the cards will be appealed against, but these guys don't stand for any nonsense! There were some dubious decisions though, not least of which at Pamplona, where Muñiz Fernández and his assistants didn't spot that Messi's equaliser came from an offside position, then sent off Osasuna captain Puñal when he protested about it! Elsewhere Pérez Lasa could have pulled up play for a possible hand ball before Barrada went on to score the winner for Getafe against Real Madrid, and Real Sociedad's Agirretxe felt himself deprived of a hat-trick after Pérez Montero ruled out one of his strikes for a non-existent offside. Looks like the honeymoon is over boys, the mean men are back! (29.08.12)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Paradas Romero 1 11 1 12
Muñiz Fernández 1 9 2 11
Velasco Carballo 1 9 1 10
Ayza Gámez 1 10 0 10
Iglesias Villanueva 1 8 1 9
Alvarez Izquierdo 1 8 0 8
Gil Manzano 1 6 1 7
Fernández Borbolán 1 7 0 7
Hernández Hernández 1 7 0 7
Pérez Montero 1 7 0 7