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A couple of controversial refereeing performances this week, starting with that of Alvarez Izquierdo in the rescheduled midweek game between Betis and Atlético Madrid. Betis were already unhappy that he sent off Perquis and awarded a penalty against them when they were leading 2-1. But they were furious a few minutes later following an incident when Filipe Luis blocked the ball with his arm inside the penalty area, the rebound hitting Joel Campbell without him being able to do much about it. Alvarez and his assistants misread the situation however, giving a second yellow card to Campbell who was consequently sent off as well. The disciplinary committee turned down an appeal by Betis for the yellow card to be cancelled as they considered that, whatever happened beforehand, the player had handled the ball, but Alvarez was still punished by "being put in the fridge", i.e. suspending him from refereeing for the next three weekends.

Betis's city neighbours Sevilla also protested strongly about Mateu Lahoz for his performance in their game against Barcelona. The international referee let go some hard tackles on Messi, and only awarded a yellow card to Busquets when he brought down Cicinho. However when Medel and Cesc Fàbregas clashed and fell to the ground theatrically, Mateu sent Medel off to an early bath. Towards the end of the game he waived away appeals for hands by Thiago in the build up to Barça's equalising goal, later telling the press that he considered it to be accidental, and when Sevilla coach Michel came out to protest he also sent him up to the stands, reporting him for insults which the coach claimed he didn't say. The disciplinary committee considered that Cesc did exaggerate the red card incident, but Medel was still given a two match suspension. (03.10.12)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Clos Gómez 5 31 3 34
Alvarez Izquierdo 4 30 2 32
Pérez Montero 3 24 4 28
Teixeira Vitienes, J.A. 3 24 3 27
Velasco Carballo 3 23 2 25
Mateu Lahoz 5 22 3 25
Paradas Romero 3 21 2 23
Fernández Borbolán 3 21 1 22
Iglesias Villanueva 3 21 1 22
Muñiz Fernández 2 18 2 20