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All eyes were on the Nou Camp this weekend, where Delgado Ferreiro was put in charge of the latest "clásico" between Barcelona and Real Madrid, apparently the first "non-international" referee to do so. Delgado's performance was discreet though, and there were no complaints. That was not the case however in three other games, where Zaragoza and Mallorca complained about erroneous penalty decisions given by Fernández Muñiz and Hernández Hernández in their respective home games against Getafe and Granada (see "Villains" section for more). Probably the hardest done by though was bottom club Espanyol, who felt that Fernández Borbolán was over-zealous in his sending off of Víctor Alvarez, but were more upset that the referee ruled out a last minute strike (i.e. winner) by Verdú for what television cameras later showed was a non-existent offside. Nevertheless Valladolid had their complaints as well, as they felt that the penalty decision for a foul by Rukavina on Longo which lead to Espanyol's goal was incorrect. All academic however, as the results are what they are. (10.10.12)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Pérez Montero 4 34 4 38
Teixeira Vitienes, J.A. 4 33 4 37
Clos Gómez 5 31 3 34
Alvarez Izquierdo 4 30 2 32
Fernández Borbolán 4 30 2 32
Muñiz Fernández 3 25 5 30
Hernández Hernández 4 23 4 27
Velasco Carballo 3 23 2 25
Mateu Lahoz 5 22 3 25
Paradas Romero 3 21 2 23