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Celta were less than happy with Hernández Hernández in their 2-0 cup defeat at Almería, the referee turning down a good penalty appeal in each half, disallowing a headed goal by Jonathan Vila for offside at the start of the second half, and then sending off Vila for a foul on Charles with half an hour to go. That could have cost them a lucrative fifth round meeting with Real Madrid! Elsewhere Delgado Ferreiro followed the rule book and gave Real Jaén's Dani Torres a red card after awarding Atlético Madrid a penalty when Diego Costa's shot hit the defender on the arm as he was lying on the ground. Strictly speaking if he considered it was not accidental then he would be forced to produce a red, although Torres knew little about it as he had had no time to react, and maybe a yellow card would have been enough.

Atlético in turn complained about Fernando Teixeira Vitienes at the weekend after he turned down two penalty appeals by Falcao in Valencia, and Soldado and Arda Turan were lucky to stay on the park after they trod on Falcao and Joao Pereira respectively (accidentally? Difficult to say!). Teixeira (who had just returned from a forced absence in the "fridge" for mistakes in the game between Getafe and Barcelona) was also a bit heavy handed in showing red cards to Valencia's Ricardo Costa and coach Pellegrino. Elsewhere there were a couple of dubious decisions which favoured the big two, Fernández Borbalán failing to spot that Jordi Alba scored Barcelona's third from an offside position, and Estrada Fernández incorrectly ruling out a strike by Zaragoza's Postiga for offside in the Bernabeu stadium. Neither though really affected the result, as both won by a comfortable margin. (08.11.12)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Teixeira Vitienes, J.A. 7 52 6 58
Pérez Montero 7 47 6 53
Alvarez Izquierdo 6 41 2 43
Paradas Romero 6 39 3 42
Clos Gómez 7 38 3 41
Muñiz Fernández 5 34 6 40
Pérez Lasa 6 35 3 38
Mateu Lahoz 7 34 4 38
Ayza Gámez 6 34 3 37
Iglesias Villanueva 6 35 2 37