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We said a couple of weeks ago that Pérez Lasa was more dangerous than a monkey with two pistols, and so it proved! At least that's the opinion of the Barcelona players after he waved away an injury time penalty appeal when Adriano fell over a Sergio Ramos outstretched leg in the Bernabeu stadium. That could have saved a draw, and it was all too much for Víctor Valdés, who was shown a red card for his violent protests after the game ended - see "Villains" section for more. Not usually ones to harp on about referees (we suppose it doesn't really matter if you win 6-0!!!), Barça's post match complaints are a sure sign that the pressure is starting to get to them after their alarming drop in form. Can they recover in time for that big Champions League game against AC Milan next week? (06.03.13)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Teixeira Vitienes, J.A. 17 124 12 136
Pérez Lasa 18 118 14 132
Teixeira Vitienes, F. 19 114 13 127
Clos Gómez 20 110 13 123
Alvarez Izquierdo 16 110 8 118
Muñiz Fernández 15 104 12 116
Pérez Montero 17 102 10 112
Velasco Carballo 19 104 6 110
Iglesias Villanueva 17 96 10 106
Del Cerro Grande 18 98 7 105