From the outcries of the local press you would have thought that Muñiz Fernández had been found with "Weapons of Mass Destruction", but in actual fact he just had another bit of a wobbly in the match between Elche and Real Madrid.

Everything blew up at the end of the game just after Elche equalized, Muñiz awarding a controversial penalty to Madrid after Carlos "The Rock" Sánchez and "The Hard Nut to Crack" Pepe tussled in the area following a corner with the game already past the allotted time added on.

Even the pro-Madrid sports newspaper Marca accepted that Pepe had pulled his opponent down and not the other way round, but that didn't change the result (Ronaldo converting the spot kick), and matters were compounded when Sánchez, coach Fran Escribá and one of his assistants were all shown red cards for protesting. Things didn't end there though, Elche also complaining that Sergio Ramos was let off a clear second booking during the first half, and that the foul leading up to Ronaldo's first goal was non-existent.

Muñiz was already in the news a couple of weeks ago when he made some serious mistakes in the match between Barcelona and Sevilla (see link to "week 4" below), and it seems the referees' committee will be dumping him in the proverbial "fridge" for the next month or so. (27.09.13) .

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Fernández Borbolán 5 25 4 29
Muñiz Fernández 3 25 3 28
Alvarez Izquierdo 3 22 1 23
Mateu Lahoz 3 20 2 22
Pérez Montero 3 20 1 21
Velasco Carballo 2 19 1 20
Teixeira Vitienes, J.A. 3 20 0 20
González González 4 20 0 20
Teixeira Vitienes, F. 3 19 0 19
Iglesias Villanueva 3 17 1 18