Valencia were less than happy that Hernández Hernández disallowed an early headed goal by Jonas which would have given them the lead against Real Sociedad, presumably for what the referee considered to be a previous foul (although television pictures appeared to show that there was nothing to it). Hernández also turned down penalty appeals by Postiga and Carlos Martínez, and in the end the Basque side won the game 1-2. Later in the weekend Velasco Carballo allowed strikes by Elche and Betis to stand, even though Coro and Molina were offside, and Ayza Gámez ruled out a Ronaldo goal for the non-existent offside of Morata in Real Madrid's match against Málaga, but then awarded a questionable late penalty after Gareth Bale made a late bid for a place in the Welsh diving team. Oh well, it all evens out in the wash! (23.10.13)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Fernández Borbolán 7 42 4 46
Teixeira Vitienes, J.A. 5 39 3 42
Mateu Lahoz 5 35 3 38
Velasco Carballo 4 33 3 36
Alvarez Izquierdo 6 34 2 36
Pérez Montero 5 30 1 31
Muñiz Fernández 3 25 3 28
Iglesias Villanueva 4 27 1 28
Prieto Iglesias 5 24 1 25
González González 5 24 0 24