Atlético Madrid and Real Madrid were both given helping hands by their respective referees in the last matches of 2013. Both teams won their games 3-2, but Atlético only did so against Levante on Saturday thanks to a more than dubious late penalty which González González awarded after Juanfran fell in the area, and any hopes of a comeback ended when the referee sent off the other Juanfran following a bit of theatrics by Filipe Luis. Meanwhile Fernando Teixeira Vitienes allowed Ronaldo's second goal for Real Madrid to count at Valencia, even though the forward headed in Di María's free kick from an offside position. On the other hand Mathieu was lucky to stay on the park when he caught Xabi Alonso with a flying elbow which caused him a perforated ear-drum, and a few minutes later the defender scored what was then the equalizer. Oh well, it's all water under the bridge now! Time for a bit of peace and goodwill to all men (even referees!), and hostilities will resume in the New Year! Best festive wishes to you all! (24.12.13) .

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Teixeira Vitienes, J.A. 11 86 6 92
Fernández Borbolán 12 74 5 79
González González 13 69 6 75
Muñiz Fernández 9 68 6 74
Mateu Lahoz 11 69 5 74
Alvarez Izquierdo 11 65 5 70
Iglesias Villanueva 10 61 3 64
Gil Manzano 11 59 5 64
Clos Gómez 12 57 4 61
Teixeira Vitienes, F. 10 58 2 60