Barcelona have had their complaints about referees in the past, but this week they were helped in both games they took part in. González González took charge of their cup semi-final first leg against Real Sociedad, and with half time coming up he turned down a penalty appeal by the visitors when Carlos Vela was held back by Mascherano as he advanced in to the area. Had it been given the Argentinian defender would probably have been sent off (he had been booked earlier), but play was waved on and Barça scored a minute later. And on Sunday it was José Antonio Teixeira Vitienes who favoured them when he allowed an Alexis equalizer to stand, even though the striker was clearly offside when he scored. Teixeira also let Song off what would have been a second yellow card for stopping the ball with his arm soon afterwards, and Tata Martino’s side went on to win 1-4.

The referee’s brother Fernando also gave Barcelona (and Real Madrid) a bit of indirect help as well when he awarded a penalty against Atlético Madrid and sent off keeper Aranzubia, a red card which was overturned by the disciplinary committee a couple of days later. Curiously Don Fernando had turned down penalty appeals earlier on for fouls on Diego Costa and Manquillo and for a hand ball by Juanfran, and he let Hélder Barbosa off scot free when he took Tiago out of the game with a reckless tackle. Must have been something in the Teixeira boys’ breakfast cereals? (13.02.14)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Teixeira Vitienes, J.A. 16 121 7 128
Fernández Borbolán 17 103 6 109
Mateu Lahoz 16 101 7 108
González González 18 98 8 106
Iglesias Villanueva 16 93 6 99
Muñiz Fernández 14 90 6 96
Teixeira Vitienes, F. 14 84 9 93
Clos Gómez 18 86 4 90
Estrada Fernández 15 77 6 83
Alvarez Izquierdo 15 76 5 81