Real Madrid have been favoured by referees over the last two weeks, and there was controversy once again on Saturday when Benzema scored their opening goal at Málaga after a tussle with Weligton. If you read the Barcelona based press the striker clearly pulled back the defender before scoring, but according to the Madrid papers Weligton got hold of his opponent first, and Benzema was only trying to shrug him off. Even the TV commentators argued about it though, so we suppose it depends on what coloured glasses you are looking through!

Whatever the case rookie referee Bikandi Garrido certainly wasn’t going to award any penalties however, Ronaldo, Ramos, Bale and Castillejo all having appeals waved away, in Bale’s case a free kick being given outside of the area when Weligton (him again!) clearly tripped the Welsh Wizzard inside the box. Bikandi also rather harshly sent off Isco for a second bookable offence, both bookings questionable, and Madrid are likely to appeal.

Last weekend it was Fernández Borbolán who gave Ancelotti’s side a helping hand, and he almost did so again on Sunday when he ruled out what would have been Luis Suárez’s first league goal for Barcelona for a non-existent offside in the match at Valencia. In the end though Busquets got a last minute winner, so the Barcelona news-hounds weren’t so hard on him! (02.12.14)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Alvarez Izquierdo 7 58 2 60
Mateu Lahoz 7 54 5 59
Estrada Fernández 8 54 4 58
Velasco Carballo 7 46 2 48
Fernández Borbolán 8 42 2 44
Jaime Latre 7 39 2 41
Teixeira Vitienes, F. 6 36 4 40
González González 6 39 1 40
Del Cerro Grande 7 37 2 39
Hernández Hernández 7 38 1 39