Fernández Borbolán drew the short straw this week, the experienced referee put in charge of the potentially explosive derby game between Atlético and Real Madrid. However with the locals running out 4-0 winners there were not to many problems, and apart from a possible penalty when Khedira handled in the area there were few complaints about his performance. Not much controversy elsewhere either this weekend, although Del Cerro Grande let himself be fooled a couple of times by Levante’s Barral, who got the opener against Málaga from a free kick which should never have been given (a clear dive by the striker), and then was given the benefit of the doubt when he fell theatrically in the penalty area under a challenge by Boka. Levante won 4-1 with a hat-trick from Barral (including that and another penalty), so maybe they would have won anyway without the referee’s help? (12.02.15)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Velasco Carballo 15 113 6 119
Jaime Latre 15 111 5 116
Alvarez Izquierdo 14 100 4 104
Gil Manzano 14 98 5 103
Teixeira Vitienes, F. 14 91 11 102
Iglesias Villanueva 14 93 6 99
Estrada Fernández 14 91 6 97
González González 15 91 4 95
Mateu Lahoz 14 84 6 90
Hernández Hernández 16 84 4 88