There we were last week, complaining that referees don’t give penalties for hand-ball any more, and look what happened in the midweek Champions League games! Real Madrid were awarded two, the first even after the ball hit a defender on the back, which didn’t stop Ronaldo (known as “Penaldo” in some circles!) from converting both. Sevilla even went one better, being given three for various reasons, although to be kind to their opponents they only scored from two!

The main complainants last week were Barcelona and, just like the buses, you spend ages moaning about one turned-down penalty, and two come along at once! Again Messi only converted one of those, and he has now missed six of his last twelve spot kicks. Too easy for him with only a static keeper to beat we suppose! Maybe they should surround him with five defenders and tie a ton weight around his neck, he wouldn’t miss then! Barça were still unhappy about what happened elsewhere though, arch rivals Real Madrid given a helping hand by Martínez Munuera, who disallowed a perfectly good goal by Granada’s El-Arabi, and then allowed Benzema’s strike to stand, even though Isco was in a borderline offside position. Madrid won 1-0 to stay within two points of the Catalans in the table. (21.09.15)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Velasco Carballo 3 22 3 25
González González 3 24 1 25
Alvarez Izquierdo 2 18 2 20
Pérez Montero 3 18 2 20
Prieto Iglesias 3 17 0 17
Clos Gómez 2 15 1 16
Jaime Latre 2 13 2 15
Gil Manzano 2 14 1 15
Iglesias Villanueva 2 13 1 14
Del Cerro Grande 2 12 0 12