Not a lot of controversy in the midweek round of games, although some expert analysts suggested that Benzema’s opener at Bilbao should have been ruled out as the striker was standing inside the penalty area when Iraizoz took the goal-kick leading up to San José’s bad back-pass and Benzema’s interception (sorry, long sentence!). Referee Mateu Lahoz also turned down a couple of penalty appeals for possible hand-balls by Pepe and Varane, although neither appeared really deliberate. Elsewhere Sporting were unhappy at Bikandi Garrido after he awarded a penalty to Rayo and sent off Bernardo for handling the ball in the area just before half time, but then failed to take action when Amaya also handled in the area in a similar incident after the break. That’s what they call a “casero” (i.e. one who favours the home side) over here! (25.09.15)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Velasco Carballo 4 29 3 32
Iglesias Villanueva 3 25 1 26
Alvarez Izquierdo 3 23 2 25
González González 3 24 1 25
Gil Manzano 3 22 1 23
Pérez Montero 3 18 2 20
Del Cerro Grande 3 19 0 19
Clos Gómez 2 15 2 17
Bikandi Garrido 3 13 4 17
Estrada Fernández 3 16 1 17