Undiano Mallenco was given the unenviable task of refereeing the Madrid derby this weekend, but to be honest he didn’t come out of it too badly! Most pundits agreed that his decisions a) to award a penalty to Atlético for a foul by Sergio Ramos on Tiago and b) to turn down a late penalty claim by Ronaldo were both correct, and the only bone of contention was whether Correa should have been given a yellow or even a red card for a bad tackle on Casemiro shortly after the break. Elsewhere the Sevilla players questioned whether Gil Manzano was right in giving Barcelona a penalty after the ball hit Trémoulinas on the arm on the edge (just outside?) of the area, and Deportivo felt that Bikandi Garrido should have ruled out Granada’s equalizer as Biraghi was marginally offside in the build up to the goal. (06.10.15)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Velasco Carballo 5 37 3 40
Alvarez Izquierdo 4 32 3 35
González González 4 32 2 34
Gil Manzano 4 31 1 32
Iglesias Villanueva 4 31 1 32
Pérez Montero 4 28 2 30
Clos Gómez 4 27 2 29
Del Cerro Grande 4 26 1 27
Sánchez Martínez 3 25 1 26
Undiano Mallenco 4 24 0 24