Fernández Borbolán was the man in the spotlight this weekend after he was put in charge of the latest “clásico” between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Those who followed the news will know that “an anonymous linesman” made a formal complaint via a local lawyer saying that he had been approached by someone high up in the refereeing organization asking him to favour Madrid, but as he never identified himself, and as the choice of referee hadn’t even been made at that point, the case was closed. As it happened one of Fernández’s linesmen pulled out with an injury anyway, and if anything the referee marginally decided in favour of Barcelona, in particular ruling that Neymar was not offside in the second goal (a very close call either way?), and turning down appeals for a penalty by Piqué for a possible hand ball. Not that it mattered that much in the end, Barça won by a big margin and the referee’s performance hardly raised an eyebrow! (24.11.15)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Alvarez Izquierdo 7 58 6 64
Iglesias Villanueva 7 53 4 57
Del Cerro Grande 7 51 2 53
Prieto Iglesias 8 49 3 52
González González 7 46 3 49
Gil Manzano 6 46 2 48
Velasco Carballo 7 43 3 46
Clos Gómez 6 42 3 45
Pérez Montero 7 39 3 42
De Burgos Bengoetxea 7 40 2 42