The season had not even kicked off before we had the first refereeing controversy, De Burgos Bengoetxea upsetting Real Madrid in the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup in Barcelona’s Nou Camp! First of all he awarded a penalty to Luis Suárez for what was a pretty clear dive over the outstretched arm of Keylor Navas (although he did turn down a more obvious one earlier when Ramos brought down Messi), and then he sent off Cristiano Ronaldo, giving him a second yellow card for what he considered was a dive as he battled with Umtiti for a loose ball in the penalty area. Ronaldo reacted instinctively and pushed the referee before leaving the pitch, which has cost him a five match ban, four of which he has to serve out in the league. Madrid won the game anyway and went on to win the return leg as well, but the usually calm and collected Zidane was not a happy man.

Spain will not be introducing the “VAR” (Video Assisted Refereeing) this season, but there were calls for it to be implemented after several wrong decisions in the first round of league games. Munuera Montero for example allowed Gabriel’s goal for Leganés to stand, even though he was offside, and Real Sociedad’s winner at Celta was from a penalty which Mateu Lahoz awarded, even though Jonny fouled Vela outside of the area. Getafe felt that Bergara’s early header had crossed the line before Kepa got it clear, although Melero López waved play on, and Levante beat Villarreal 1-0 thanks to a controversial late penalty which rookie Medié Jiménez awarded for what he considered to be a foul by Rukavina on Morales. VAR could have changed all of that, but then what would the press have had to talk about? Peoples’ livelihoods are at stake here! (24.08.17)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
De Burgos Bengoetxea 1 9 1 10
González González 1 8 1 9
Martínez Munuera 1 7 1 8
Gil Manzano 1 6 1 7
Hernández Hernández 1 6 1 7
Melero López 1 6 1 7
Medié Jiménez 1 5 0 5
Alvarez Izquierdo 1 4 0 4
Mateu Lahoz 1 4 0 4
Trujillo Suárez 1 3 0 3