Real Madrid were less than happy with Fernández Borbolán this weekend after he took charge of the first derby game in Atlético’s new Metropolitano stadium. The referee turned down several penalty appeals (including three for hands by Juanfran, Ronaldo and Godín), but what upset them most was when Sergio Ramos had his nose broken after clashing with Lucas Hernández’s boot in the penalty area shortly before half time. Ramos was stooping to head the ball however, and the jury was out as to whether his head was above the waistline or not, which we understand is where the “dangerous kicking” rule applies. Earlier on through Savic was lucky to be let off a possible red card for a hard tackle on Kroos, and Fernández ended up showing eight yellow cards throughout what was a tense match. (22.11.17)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Iglesias Villanueva 7 47 3 50
Fernández Borbolán 7 46 0 46
Melero López 7 43 2 45
Gil Manzano 7 41 3 44
Jaime Latre 7 40 3 43
Martínez Munuera 6 40 1 41
González Fuentes 7 40 1 41
González González 9 36 3 39
Estrada Fernández 7 38 0 38
Mateu Lahoz 7 36 1 37