Another clean sheet for Víctor Valdés, this time against Hércules, the only side to score more than one goal against him all season in the league. Barça avenged their 0-2 defeat though with a 0-3 victory in the Rico Pérez stadium, and with Real Madrid losing 1-0 to Ricardo's Osasuna the following day, Guardiola's team are now seven points clear at the top of the table. Four more keepers maintained clean sheets as well as Valdés and Ricardo, Iraizoz (Athletic), Cuéllar (Sporting), Diego López (Villarreal) and Munúa (Levante) who replaced Reina in the Valencia based side's line up after the keeper let in four last weekend. Elsewhere Sevilla's Palop didn't make it to the end of the match against Deportivo, a red card for handling outside of the area meaning that he had to hand the gloves over to Javi Varas for the last half hour. Palop will miss next Wednesday's cup semi-final in the Bernabeu as a result. (02.02.11)

Zamoras Games played Goals against Difference
Valdés (Barcelona) 21 11 -10
Casillas (Real Madrid) 21 18 -3
Diego López (Villarreal) 21 21 0
Aranzubia (Deportivo) 15 19 +4
De Gea (Atlético Madrid) 21 26 +5
Kameni (Espanyol) 17 22 +5
Reina (Levante) 17 24 +7
Ricardo (Osasuna) 21 28 +7
Codina (Getafe) 17 25 +8
Juan Pablo (Sporting) 15 23 +8
Leo Franco (Zaragoza) 14 22 +8
Toño (Racing) 21 30 +9
Aouate (Mallorca) 20 29 +9
Palop (Sevilla) 16 25 +9
Iraizoz (Athletic) 21 31 +10