Not the best of weeks for Guaita, the Valencia keeper ruled out of the weekend's match at Getafe with a wrist injury, but then having to leave the squad for a few days following the death of his father. Soldado dedicated his four goals against Ustari (who had returned from injury to replace Codina) to his team-mate. Guaita's absence re-opened the door though for César, who became La Liga's oldest ever keeper (and player for that matter) after taking the field just four months or so short of his 40th birthday. It was a high scoring weekend however, with only two clean sheets between the twenty keepers in action. Those two though may have decided who wins the league this season, Valdés keeping out the Villarreal attack to give Barcelona a 0-1 win in the Madrigal stadium, and Juan Pablo putting in a sterling display for Sporting in the Bernabeu to help the Asturians to a surprise 0-1 victory over Real Madrid. (05.04.11)

Zamoras Games played Goals against Difference
Valdés (Barcelona) 27 14 -13
Casillas (Real Madrid) 28 22 -6
Diego López (Villarreal) 30 31 +1
Aranzubia (Deportivo) 24 29 +5
Ricardo (Osasuna) 30 36 +6
Reina (Levante) 17 24 +7
Codina (Getafe) 22 32 +10
Palop (Sevilla) 18 28 +10
De Gea (Atlético Madrid) 30 41 +11
Aouate (Mallorca) 29 40 +11
Leo Franco (Zaragoza) 19 30 +11
Iraizoz (Athletic) 30 42 +12
Kameni (Espanyol) 26 38 +12
Toño (Racing) 30 44 +14
Calatayud (Hércules) 29 45 +16