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With the league title in the bag, Mourinho decided to give a run out to number two keeper Adán in place of Casillas, thereby avoiding the dilemma which we mentioned in our last report as to whether he had bettered Valdés or not. Assuming therefore that neither plays the last game of the season, Valdés has tied up his fourth Zamora prize in a row, and the fifth of his career. Adán was not the only keeper to make his league debut this weekend, Athletic Bilbao's Raúl Fernández stepping in for Iraizoz as Bielsa rested many of his key players prior to next Wednesday's Europa League final. Changes too at Sevilla and Betis, where Palop and Casto returned in place of Javi Varas and Fabricio, all of which meant that Munúa (Levante) and Roberto (Zaragoza) are the only keepers to have played in all matches this season. There were a total of six clean sheets this weekend, including the aforementioned Raúl as well as Pinto (Barcelona), Moyà (Getafe), Aouate (Mallorca), Andrés (Osasuna) and Guaita (Valencia). (06.05.12)

Zamoras Games played Goals against Difference
Valdés (Barcelona) 34 26 -8
Casillas (Real Madrid) 36 30 -6
Guaita (Valencia) 26 25 -1
Aouate (Mallorca) 36 42 +6
Courtois (Atlético) 35 41 +6
Caballero (Málaga) 27 35 +8
Toño (Racing) 24 33 +9
Javi Varas (Sevilla) 25 35 +10
Moyà (Getafe) 35 46 +11
Munúa (Levante) 37 50 +13
Iraizoz (Athletic) 36 49 +13
Diego López (Villarreal) 35 49 +14