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Quite eventful on the goalkeeping front this week, with Diego López making his first appearances for Real Madrid after returning to the club as cover for the injured Casillas, and Portugal's Beto coming in to replace Diego at Sevilla. Codina played his first league game for Getafe, coming on in the tenth minute against Deportivo after Moyà was sent off, and the new Valencia and Granada coaches opted to bring back Guaita and Toño for Diego Alves and Roberto respectively against Barcelona and Real Madrid. Toño was in fact one of only four keepers to clock up a clean sheet this weekend in an epic 1-0 win, with Courtois, Andrés Fernández and Claudio Bravo the other three. Courtois is now level with Caballero and Casillas in the table, and the on-loan Chelsea "portero" (who let in his first home goal in 1,003 minutesin the midweek cup-tie) must be a firm candidate for the Zamora prize this season. (06.02.13)

Zamoras Games played Goals against Difference
Caballero (Málaga) 22 20 -2
Courtois (Atlético) 21 19 -2
Casillas (Real Madrid) 19 17 -2
Valdés (Barcelona) 22 25 +3
Andrés (Osasuna) 22 26 +4
Javi Varas (Celta) 20 25 +5
Bravo (Real Sociedad) 16 21 +5
Palop (Sevilla) 13 18 +5
Dani Hernández (Valladolid) 15 22 +7
Adrián (Betis) 17 25 +8
Toño (Granada) 16 24 +8
Roberto (Zaragoza) 22 31 +9
Cristian Alvarez (Espanyol) 15 24 +9
Rubén (Rayo Vallecano) 14 24 +10
Munúa (Levante) 22 33 +11