Víctor Valdés got the edge on Courtois this weekend, the Barça keeper not letting in any goals against Málaga, whereas .the Belgian number one letting in two. Despite the high tally this weekend though there were four more clean sheets as well as that of Valdés, Diego López clocking up his fourth in a row (Real Madrid have yet to conceded a goal in 2014, with Casillas also unbeaten in the cup), and Esteban (Almería), Claudio Bravo (Real Sociedad) and Diego Mariño (Valladolid) also keeping their goals against columns to zero. Elsewhere there were two goalkeeping changes, Andrés returning from suspension for Osasuna (and duly letting in five), and Guillermo Sara drafted back in for Betis as yet another new coach tries to make his mind up which is the least worst between him and Andersen. It seems though that the problem has been solved by signing on Antonio Adán (ex of Real Madrid), with Andersen reportedly the keeper who will be asked to seek his fortune elsewhere. (28.01.14)

Zamoras Games played Goals against Difference
Valdés (Barcelona) 17 9 -8
Courtois (Atlético) 21 14 -7
Diego López (Real Madrid) 21 21 0
Asenjo (Villarreal) 21 22 +1
Iraizoz (Athletic Bilbao) 17 20 +3
Roberto (Granada) 20 24 +4
Manu Herrera (Elche) 15 20 +5
Casilla (Espanyol) 21 27 +6
Caballero (Málaga) 21 27 +6
Diego Alves (Valencia) 15 21 +6
Keylor Navas (Levante) 19 26 +7
Bravo (Real Sociedad) 21 30 +9
Guillermo Sara (Betis) 15 26 +11
Beto (Sevilla) 20 32 +12
Yoel (Celta) 21 34 +13
Moyà (Getafe) 21 34 +13
Andrés (Osasuna) 20 33 +13