Atlético’s Courtois missed his first league game this week due to a back problem, and it was made clear how much he contributes to the side after his replacement Aranzubia had a bit of a stinker in a surprise 2-0 defeat at Almería. The Ex Athletic and Depor keeper was a bit of a star in his early days, yving with Casillas in Spain’s youth sides and making a brief appearance for his country in a friendly, but he allowed a long cross from Verza over his head and in to the net late in the game at the Mediterraneo stadium, and then got himself sent off after giving away a penalty trying to dribble Zongo in the area a couple of minutes later. The penalty decision was probably wrong (the red card was subsequently cancelled on appeal), but he should never have got himself in to that situation, and with all three changes made, team captain Gabi had to go in goal for the last five minutes.

Otherwise though it was a bit of a funny weekend, with 30 goals in all, but still eight clean sheets (including that of Almería’s Esteban). There were two 0-0 draws, between Bravo’s Real Sociedad and Keylor Navas’s Levante, and between Yoel’s Celta and Iraizoz’s Athletic, and Casilla (Espanyol), Andrés (Osasuna) and Diego Alves (Valencia) all contributed to their respective sides’ victories to nothing. ( 12.02.14 )

Zamoras Games played Goals against Difference
Courtois (Atlético) 22 14 -8
Valdés (Barcelona) 19 13 -6
Diego López (Real Madrid) 23 24 +1
Iraizoz (Athletic Bilbao) 19 21 +2
Asenjo (Villarreal) 23 27 +4
Roberto (Granada) 22 27 +5
Keylor Navas (Levante) 21 26 +5
Casilla (Espanyol) 23 29 +6
Diego Alves (Valencia) 17 23 +6
Caballero (Málaga) 23 33 +10
Bravo (Real Sociedad) 23 34 +11
Yoel (Celta) 23 35 +12
Moyà (Getafe) 23 36 +13
Andrés (Osasuna) 22 36 +14
Mariño (Valladolid) 23 39 +16
Beto (Sevilla) 22 39 +17