Many, many goalkeeping changes this summer, with big names such as Thibaud Courtois, Víctor Valdés and Diego López (three of last season’s top four “Zamoras”!) all leaving us. Iker Casillas is back in the Real Madrid goal though, despite the star signing of Keylor Navas, with Real Sociedad’s Claudio Bravo replacing Valdés at the Nou Camp, and Getafe’s Moyà coming in for Courtois at the Calderón. All three clocked up clean sheets on the opening weekend, and they were joined by Kameni (Málaga), Cristian Alvarez (Rayo), Sergio Asenjo (Villarreal), and of course Xabi Irureta (Eibar), who only two seasons ago was defending the goal for his team in the regional second division B! One casualty already though in the first weekend, Sevilla’s Betis going off with a hamstring injury only a quarter of an hour in to the game against Valencia, new signing Barbosa getting a run out much earlier than he expected. Early days, but the competition is going to be fierce this year! (26.08.14)

Zamoras Games played Goals against Difference
Moyà (Atlético) 1 0 -1
Bravo (Barcelona) 1 0 -1
Irureta (Eibar) 1 0 -1
Casillas (Real Madrid) 1 0 -1
Kameni (Málaga) 1 0 -1
Cristian Alvarez (Rayo) 1 0 -1
Asenjo (Villarreal) 1 0 -1
Rubén (Almería) 1 1 0
Iraizoz (Athletic) 1 1 0
Sergio Alvarez (Celta) 1 1 0
Casilla (Espanyol) 1 1 0
Dimitrievski (Granada) 1 1 0
Zubikarai (Real Sociedad) 1 1 0
Barbosa (Sevilla) 1 1 0
Diego Alves (Valencia) 1 1 0