World Cup 2002

The Final Whistle

Epilogue to the World Cup 2002 by Borja Pantzov

And so it came to pass. To shoot, to head and to foul on the blind side of the referee. And on the sixth day Blatter said to Hiddink, "come forth". And he came fourth, but would have preferred to come third.

And on the seventh day there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Especially when the referee was watching, but Collina wasn't buying any of it. And the Germans came in to the land of Brazilia, but the land was barren, and they were repelled. And the men of Scolari entered into the land of the Hun, and it bore fruit. Well almost, but lo, the house of Kahn stood fast, and the wood was good, and Kahn was better, and Kleberson and Ronaldo missed great chances to put their side ahead.

And yea the teams did rest, but afore long the battle did rage again. Neuville smote a mighty blow, but Marcos got his fingers to it, and turned it against the post. Mightily they fought until the king of kings Ronaldo did win the battle, slaying the valiant Teutons with two terrible strikes, first after Kahn failed to hold on to Rivaldo's shot and then from Kleberson's cross. Oh yea, great stuff.

Glory be to Ronaldo. The gates of heaven were open, and Blatter bestowed the tablet of gold on the glorious leader Cafu (after a lot of messing about). All Japan did exalt, and there were wondrous scenes of joy and rejoicing. Except for the Germans who were sick as a parrot. Back again in four years time, Brian.