World Cup 2002

Special World Cup 'Heroes & Villains'

Time for the first round of awards now that all 32 teams have played their opening games. Here they are:


Klose (Germany) 3 Vieri (Italy) 2 Tomasson (Denmark) 2


Clean sheets by Sylva (Senegal), Kahn (Germany), Cavallero (Argentina), Oscar Pérez (Mexico), Buffon (Italy), Lonnis (Costa Rica), Woon Jae-Lee (South Korea) and Nigmatullin (Russia).


Red cards for Zivkovic (Croatia), Alpay and Hakan Unsal (Turkey).

However the Oscar goes to Rivaldo (Brazil) for the best acting performance of the tournament to date.

White Stick Award

Has to be Mr. Kim of Korea in the game between Brazil and Turkey, although there were many other moments which reminded us of the finest performances of our beloved Spanish referees.