World Cup 2002

Special World Cup 'Heroes & Villains'

The second round of group matches is now complete, with a new set of heroes and villains. This week's awards are as follows:


The same top three as in the first round, all of whom scored again, plus Pauleta who scored a hat-trick against Poland. Seven players are on two, including Spain's Hierro and Morientes, Brazil's Ronaldo and Rivaldo, Sweden's Larsson, Japan's Inamoto and Belgium's Wilmots.

Klose (Germany) 4
Vieri (Italy) 3
Tomasson (Denmark) 3
Pauleta (Portugal) 3


Although four teams have not scored yet (Saudi Arabia, China, Poland and incredibly France), surprisingly no team have a zero goals against record in their first two games. Clean sheets in the second round of games for Alioum (Cameroon), Barthez (France), Carini (Uruguay), Seaman (England), Arendse (South Africa), Marcos (Brazil), Narazaki (Japan) and Baia (Portugal).


Red cards for Diao (Senegal) and Henry (France). No crowd trouble reported in either of the host countries to date, but serious rioting in Moscow after Russia's defeat at the hands of old enemy Japan.

White Stick Award

England's Graham Poll has upset Italy by disallowing two goals in their side's defeat against Croatia. The first was for a non-existent offside and the second, in the last minute of the game, for a somewhat dubious foul. Russia were also unhappy about a decision by Germany's Markus Merk not to give a penalty to them in the first half of their game with Japan. Strangely non of the teams who won have complained about referees performances.