Copa del Rey

Final phase, semi finals

Further problems for the Federation when the draw took place for the semi-finals of the ill-fated cup today. With two quarter finals as yet unfinished, the organizers were hoping that Espanyol and Real Madrid would at least be paired together, allowing them to play over the next two weeks and leave Espanyol free to play in the UEFA cup the week after. The other tie could then be delayed by a week, as Barcelona will not be playing their Champions League match until a week later. However this was not the case, and the only matches to be played next week will be the quarter final ties, with the resulting congestion of fixtures. Talks are going on as to how to sort this out. (27.01.06)

Dates for the first leg were set during the week which had been reserved for the second leg ties. Results were as follows: Detailed reports

D. Milito (4), Ewerthon (2)
6 - 1 Real Madrid
Luis García (Pen), Pandiani
2 - 1 Deportivo
Rubén Castro (Pen)

Second leg

The return leg between Real Madrid and Zaragoza will take place on 14 February, with the tie between Deportivo and Espanyol to be set at a date to be confirmed, depending upon Espanyol's progress in the UEFA cup (finally agreed for 15 March after Espanyol lost to Schalke). .

Results were as follows (teams qualifying in bold): Detailed reports

Real Madrid
Cicinho, Robinho, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos
4 - 0 Zaragoza
0 - 0 Espanyol