Second Division B

Play-off fixtures:
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Third division play-offs

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the regional leagues in Spain have been declared closed, with the four top teams in each regional second division B at the time of the lockdown entering the play-offs for the four promotion spots. The format is yet to be confirmed, but in previous years the group champions of the four regional divisions played off for two of the promotion spots, and the two losers joined the twelve other sides in a play-off for the other two places. (07.05.20)

Teams qualifying are as follows (group champions in bold):

Group I: Atlético Baleares, UD Ibiza, Atlético Madrid B, Peña Deportiva;
Group II: UD Logroñés, Cultural Leonesa, Bilbao Athletic, Valladolid B;
Group III: Castellón, Barcelona B, Sabadell, Cornellà;
Group IV: FC Cartagena, Marbella, Badajoz, Yeclano.

This season it has been decided that the play-offs will take place at a neutral location in Andalusia, with ties played over one leg rather than the usual two. Málaga, Marbella and Algeciras have been chosen as the host cities, with the first round of games to take place on 18th and 19th July. Otherwise though the format is the same as previous years, with the four regional group winners playing off for two of the promotion spots, and the two losers of those ties joining the remaining clubs in a straight knock-out for the last two places.

The draw between the group champions was as follows:

Castellón v UD Logroñés
Atlético Baleares v Cartagena.

The ties will be played over one leg, with the winners being promoted to the second division A. There is no news so far as to whether the two winners will then play each other to decide who will be the overall second division B champions.

At the same time as the first play-offs, six other ties will be played between the remaining sides, and the six winners plus the losers of the games between the group champions will go in to a straight knock-out phase for the other two promotion spots. Pairings are as follows:

Marbella v Peña Deportiva
Ibiza v Cornellà
Athletic Bilbao B v Badajoz
Barcelona B v Valladolid B
Cultural Leonesa v Yeclano
Sabadell v Atlético Madrid B

No team will be relegated this year, but sixteen teams will be promoted from the third division to the second division B, based on regional play-offs between the top four of each regional group. That will result in 96 teams in the second division B, and it is likely that they will be divided into five regional groups rather than four. (26.06.20)