European Champions League 2001/2002


15 May Real Madrid 2 - 1 Bayer Leverkusen

Real Madrid at last can celebrate their centenary year in style after securing their 9th Champions League title at Hampden Park.

An early goal from Raúl was quickly countered by Lucio's flicked header from a free kick, and Leverkusen looked on top for most of the first half.

Close to half-time, however, anxious Real Madrid fans were rewarded with a spectacular second goal by Zidane who volleyed a looping cross from Robert Carlos into the back of the net with amazing power and accuracy.

Leverkusen battled on throughout the second half and had several chances of equalising. With Real Madrid goalkeeper, César, injured, their goal came under constant pressure in the dying stages. It took three magnificent saves from Casillas to keep the Germans out and Real Madrid held on. Full report.

Champions League 2001/2002