Pre-season Fixtures 2007/2008

As usual there will be an intensive programme of pre-season matches, this year starting early July and going on to the end of August, when the league season begins again. We set out below the most important games involving La Liga clubs, and will be publishing regular updates when more information is known. NB. Games completed in red, pending in blue, changes since our last report highlighted in bold. See also friendly fixtures section for matches which took place during the league season. (31.08.07)

1 - 22 Jul Under 20 World Cup
Spain's under 20 side took part in the Youth World Cup, which this year was in Canada. The youngsters were knocked out at the quarter final stage by the Czech Republic. See separate section for results and other details.
9 Jul - 15 Aug Peace Cup, South Korea et al
Racing Santander return from holidays early to take part in the Peace Cup in South Korea (although squad packed with reserves and youngsters). Eight sides play off, including Bolton, Reading, Olimpique Lyon, River Plate, Chivas Guadalajara, Seongnam Il Hwa, and Shimitzan Pulse. Racing opened on 12/07 against Mexican side Chivas, L 0-5, then played hosts Seongnam on 14/07, D 0-0, and finished against Bolton on 17/07, L 1-2 (Albendea / Anelka 2).
Racing returned to Spain to play Oviedo, D 0-0 and Maritimo, W 0-1, and then Logroñes CF, W 1-5 (Iván Bolado 2, Munitis, Alloze, Jorge López), Eibar, D 0-0, Alavés, L 2-1 (Bayón, Wellington / Garay) and Sporting Gijón, D 0-0, won 3-4 on penalties.
9 Jul - 18 Aug Atlético Madrid summer programme
Participation in Intertoto Cup (see below and separate section) means they only have a short holiday and return to work on 9th July, with a short stay at Los Angeles de San Rafael. At the beginning of August they were invited to take part in the Amsterdam tournament, with games against hosts Ajax on 02/08, L 2-0, then Lazio on 04/08, W 3-1 (Braulio, Reyes, Luis García). Then played Celta in Ciudad de Vigo Cup on 08/08, won 2-4 on penalties after drawing 0-0. They went to play a qualifying round of the UEFA cup on 16/08 and 30/08 against Vojvodina, and have confirmed a friendly match at Getafe on 18/08 (see below for details).
16 - 27 Jul Under 19 European Championship
Spain's youngsters were in action again in Austria this summer, with group games against the hosts on 16/07, Portugal on 18/07 and Greece on 21/07. They won through to the semi-finals, where they beat France to reach the final on 27/07. A goal from Dani Parejo gave them a 1-0 win over Greece, their fourth title in six years. See separate section for more details.
18 Jul - 4 Aug Valencia summer programme
Once again based in Ermelo, Holland for a few days from 18 July, and played Lokomotiv Sofia there on 24/07, D 0-0. Then went on to London to take part in Arsenal's Emirates Cup. Matches against Inter Milan 28/07, W 2-0 (Gavilán, Villa) and Paris Saint Germain 29/07, L 0-3. On 04/08 played in England against Manchester City in the Thomas Cook Cup, W 0-1 (Silva), and later in the month have the Champions League qualifiers and their own Naranja Trophy (see below). .
20 Jul - 19 Aug Getafe summer programme
Laudrup's new side warmed up against Gimnastica Segoviana on 28/07, W 1-2 (Güiza, Kepa). Then on to Holland with games against Sparta Rotterdam 04/08, W 1-6 (Uche, Pablo Hernández, Sousa, Cotelo 2, Belenguer), Roda 05/08, W 0-3 (Pablo Hernández pen, Albín, Nacho), Nec Jijmegen 07/08, W 0-1 (Kepa), Breda 09/08, D 0-0 (match abandoned after brawl) and Venlo 11/08, D 2-2 (Kepa, Uche). Returned to play Rayo Vallecano A, 16/08, W 1-2 (D Torres / Cata Diaz, Uche), and had presentation match at home against Atlético Madrid on 18/08, L 0-2 (Diego Costa, Reyes).
20 Jul - 19 Aug Zaragoza summer programme
Pre-season training in Boltaña, Huesca, where they played a warm up game against Huesca on 20/07, W 1-4 (Sergio García 2 (1 Pen), Oliveira 2).Play Villarreal 03/08, D 1-1 (Guille Franco / Generelo) and Numancia 05/08, W 0-2 (Oliveira, Sergio García) and take part in Colombino and Carranza trophies (see below). Then visited Palermo on 19/08, L 4-2 (Oliveira 2), Juanfran and Diogo sent off.
21 and 28 Jul Intertoto third round
Last season's revised format for the Intertoto cup continued, with only one Spanish side competing. Spain's representative were Atlético Madrid, and they beat Romania's Gloria Bistrita on the away goal rule over two legs for a place in the second qualifying round of the UEFA cup. See separate section for more.
22 Jul - 19 Aug Murcia summer programme
Local training in Oliva, where they won three games against local sides, Benifayó 10-0 (Goitom 3, Alonso 3, Iñigo 2, Aquino, Abel), Catarrojo 2-1 (Regueiro, Abel pen) and Pego 4-1 (Regueiro, Goitom, Abel pen, Alonso). Played Alicante 05/08, D 1-1 (Iñigo), won on penalties, then on to Belgium to play Anderlecht 07/08, W 0-6 (Iván Alonso 2, Richi, Regueiro, Jofre, Goitom), Dender 08/08, W 0-1 (Regueiro pen), and Roda 10/08, W 0-1 (Goitom). Triangular against Poli Ejido and Baza on 14/08, Baza 0 - Murcia 1 (Iván Alonso), Murcia 0 - Ejido 0, Baza 1 - Ejido 1, and then visited Castellón 15/08, D 0-0. Presentation match at home on 17/08 against Larissa, W 2-0 (Goitom, Abel).
22 Jul - 18 Aug Valladolid summer programme
Based in Mierlo, Holland from 21 Jul - 2 Aug. Played Brugues 22/07, D 2-2 (Kike, Capdevila), Moscron 25/07, W 1-2 (Kike, Jesús), Cologne 28/07, D 2-2 (Alvaro, Iñaki Bea), Sint Truiden 29/07, W 0-2 (Vivar Dorado, Kike) and Willem II 01/08, D 0-0. Playing away games in Spain against Gimnastica Segoviana 07/08, W 0-1 (Llorente), Numancia 08/08, W 1-3 (Brit / Ogbeche, Kike, Borja), Cultural Leonesa 11/08, D 0-0, Tenerife (Puma Cup) 14/08, D 0-0, pso 4-2, Zamora 15/08, L 3-1 (Estoyanoff), Sporting Gijón 17/8, W 1-2 (Karanka / Héctor, Kome) and Salamanca 18/08, L 1-0 (Toti).
22 Jul - 18 Aug Villarreal summer programme
Local games as follows: 22/07 Navata, W 0-13 (Guille Franco 6 etc), 25/07 Villamalla, W 0-4 (Nihat 2, Tomasson, José Mari), 26/07 La Escala, W 1-6 (Cazorla 2, Guille Franco, Fuster, Xisco, Rocha), 28/07 Gavà, W 1-4 (Somoza 2, Pires, Tomasson). Played Zaragoza 03/08, D 1-1 (Teruel trophy, won 7-6 pso), then 07/08 Hércules (A), W 0-4 (Tomasson 2, Nihat, Rossi). Presentation match on 10/08 against Sporting Braga, W 3-0 (Franco, Tomasson, Rossi). Next games 14/08 Osasuna (H), W 3-0 (Rossi, Senna, Tomasson pen), and 19/08 Livorno (H - Ceramica Trophy), D 2-2 (Senna, Franco), Villarreal won on pso.
22 Jul - 19 Aug Levante summer programme
Beat regional side Navaleno in warm up game 0-16 (!!) on 22/07. Opening pre-season match at Racing Strasbourg on 28/07, D 1-1 (Viqueira pen), Then presentation match at home on 03/08 versus Groningen, D 0-0. Played Swansea away on 05/08, L 2-0, then local opposition (all away), 07/08 Benidorm, W 2-3 (Meyong Ze, Juanma, Alfred og), 09/08 Hércules, L 4-0, and 11/08 Castellón, L 2-1 (Pedro León). Then visit Las Palmas on 15/08, W 1-2 (Márquez / Riga, Geijo) and on to Greece to play Olympiakos on 19/08, L 4-0.
23 Jul - 18 Aug Betis summer programme
Poor start for Cúper, Betis struggling in opening games against regional sides San Fernando, 23/07, W 1-2 (Caffa, Pavone), Ceuta 27/07, L 4-2 (Sobis, Fernández pen) and Sanluqueño 30/07, L 1-0. Took part in Guadiana trophy in Algarve, Portugal from 3rd to 5th August. 03/08: Benfica 0 - Betis 0, 04/08: Sporting Lisbon 1 - Betis 1 (Capi). Then had friendly against Champions League winners AC Milan on 09/08 (Betis's centenary celebrations). W 1-0 (Mark González pen). Played in Cádiz's Carranza trophy which they won (see below), then Costa del Sol trophy against hosts Málaga on 19/08 (postponed to later date (TBA) due to poor state of pitch following music concerts).
24 Jul - 12 Aug Espanyol summer programme
As usual, pre-season training locally at Perelada, where they beat the local team on 24/07 0-2 (Smiljanic, Valdo). Then on to Belfast to play Glentoran on 28/07, W 0-6 (Tamudo, Leman og, Riera, Luis García 2, Jonathan), followed by "stage" in Birmingham, with matches against Coventry 31/7, D 1-1 (Torrejón), Bolton 01/08, L 3-0, and Derby 04/08, D 2-2 (Sergio Sánchez, Luis García). Travelled to Holland to play Heerenveen 10/08, W 1-3 (Torrejón, Jarque, Coro) and Utrecht 12/08, D 2-2 (Luis García, Jonathan). Hosted Ciudad de Barcelona trophy 16/08 against Olympiakos, W 3-2 (see below).
25 Jul - 5 Aug Sevilla summer programme
Best season ever has resulted in a change of plans this year. After 5 days of local training they were off to Chicago to take part in a tournament. Beat Tolca 1-0 (Poulsen) on 27/07 but lost 0-1 to Wisla Krakow, who won the trophy after also beating Reggiana. In August they played a freindly on 05/08 against Setubal, D 1-1 (Renato), then take part in the Spanish and European Supercups. See below and separate sections for details.
25 Jul - 14 Aug Deportivo summer programme
In Vilalba and Portugal early pre-season. Played Racing Vilalbes 25/07, W 1-7 (Aythami, Taborda 2, Rubén, Verdú, Cristian, Iván Carril), Viviero 26/07, W 0-5 (Riki, Sergio, Taborda 2, Jairo) and Xove Lago 27/07, W 1-8 (Cholo, Bodipo, Pablo Alvarez, Lafita, Jairo 2, 1 pen, Iván Carril, Aridane). In Portugal play Paços Ferreira 02/08, L 2-1 (Riki) and Maritimo 03/08, W 0-1 (Taborda). Then hosted Teresa Herrera trophy (see below) and went on to play Ourense 11/08, W 2-3 (Rubén Castro, Iago, Bodipo). Finally played Racing Ferrol 14/08, W 1-2 (Cami / Guardado, Adrián) and Lugo 16/08, W 0-2 (Adrián 2).
26 Jul - 15 Aug Barcelona summer programme
Once again Barcelona are off on their travels in the summer. Started pre-season training in Scotland from 23-28 July, with a couple of friendlies in Saint Andrews against Dundee United 26/07, W 0-1 (Henry) and Hearts 28/07, W 1-3 (Ronaldinho 2 (1 Pen), Dos Santos).
Then they are back to Asia from 5-10 August, with matches fixed against Beijing Guon 05/08, W 0-3 (Giovani, Iniesta, Ronaldinho), Yokohama Mariners 07/08, W 0-1 (Giovani), and a Mission Hills invitation XI at Happy Valley, Hong Kong on 10/08 (postponed to 11/08 due to typhoon), W 0-4 (Xavi, Eto'o, Henry, Giovani), fixtures which reportedly brought in around €4.2 Mio for the club. Finally they returned to Europe where they will played Bayern Munich in their Olympic stadium on 15/08, W 0-1 (Messi).
26 Jul - 15 Aug Almería summer programme
Training in Catalonia with games against local rivals Palafrugell 26/07, W 0-4 (Natalio, Negredo 2, Kalu Uche), Girona 29/07 (Costa Brava trophy), won on penalties after 1-1 draw (Kalu Uche) and Terrassa 01/08, W 2-4 (Negredo 4). Then return home to play regional sides Aguilas 05/08 A, D 1-1 (Crusat), won on penalties, Orihuela 08/08 A, L 1-0, and Roquetas 12/08 A, D 0-0, lost pso 4-2. Played match against Málaga in Nerja on 15/08, W 2-3 (Baha, Gerardo / Uche, Cabrera, Negredo), and then visit Xerez 17/08 for their Vendimia trophy, W 0-1 (Kalu Uche) and Lorca 18/08, L 1-0.
26 Jul - 18 Aug Mallorca summer programme
Spectacular start in and around Kossen, Austria, beating Mittersill on 26/07 by 1-10 (Basinas, Ibagaza, Tuni, Jonás, Delibasic 3, Ramis, Varela, Ballesteros) and an Unterland XI on 27/07 by 0-10 (Víctor 2, Delibasic 3, Tuni, Basinas, Varela, Jonás, Webó). Then 29/07 Olympiakos D 1-1 (Ibagaza) and 31/07 Wacker W 1-3 (Ballesteros, Tuni, Webó). Returned to host Palma de Mallorca trophy on 07/08 vs Bayern Munich,W 3-0 (Webó, Güiza, Víctor). then on to Holland to play Twente on 11/08, D 2-2 (Víctor, Jonás) and Groningen on 12/08, 2-2 (Güiza 2) - match abandoned due to brawl. . Also invited to play Elche on 18/08, W 0-2 (see below).
27 - 31 Jul Real Madrid summer programme (July)
Pre-season training as usual in Irdning, Austria, where they played Stoke City on 27/07, W 2-0 (Raúl, Soldado). Stopped off to play Hannover on the way back on 31/07, L 0-3. Busy August, with trip to Moscow and tournaments in La Coruña and Cádiz, as well as Spanish Super Cup against Sevilla (see below for details).
27 Jul - 14 Aug Recreativo summer programme
Lost to Sevilla Atlético 1-2 in opening game in Nerva on 27/07 (Varela / Julián, Moreno). Drew 1-1 at Sporting Lisbon on 28/07 (Sinama-Pongolle) and lost 1-0 against Louletano on 03/08. Hosted Colombino trophy in mid-August (see below), then visited Xerez on 14/08, D 3-3 (Yordi 2, Beto og / Sinama 2, Marcos) and Écija on 18/08, D 1-1 (Sinama), lost 4-3 pso.
28 Jul - 17 Aug Real Sociedad summer programme
Warmed up with two games against local sides, Lagun Onak on 28/07, D 1-1 (Uranga) and Real Unión on 31/07, D 1-1 (Oskitz). Visited Holland, early Aug with games against Heracles 08/08, D 2-2 (Uranga 2), De Grafschap 10/08, L 3-0 and Willem II 11/08, L 2-1 (Xabi Prieto). Played Osasuna in Peralta on 17/08, L 1-0 (Medina).
31 Jul Lasesarre Trophy, Barakaldo
Second edition of tournament hosted by 2B side, this time in a triangular format. Results:
Barakaldo 0 - Athletic Bilbao 0;
Sestao 0 - Athletic Bilbao 1 (Llorente)
Barakaldo 0 - Sestao 1
Winners: Athletic.
1 - 8 Aug XXXVII Trofeo Ciudad de Vigo et al
Celta start pre-season in Portugal, playing Maritimo 01/08, L 2-1 (Jorge), and Chaves 04/08, D 0-0.
08/08 (brought forward due to Atlético's participation in UEFA Cup). Trofeo Ciudad de Vigo. After beating Boavista in a delayed 2006 edition due to problems with a new pitch, this year they invited Atlético Madrid to be their opponents. D 0-0, Atlético won 2-4 on penalties.
Then hosted Quinoco trophy - see below.
1 - 16 Aug Nàstic summer programme
Local games against Mafumet 01/08, W 0-5 (Gil, Oriol, Campano, De Carlos 2), Reus 04/08, W 1-2 (Pinilla, Gil), Gavà 07/08 (A), D 0-0, FE Figueres 09/08 (A), W 0-2 (Oscar López, Pinilla) and Miapuesta Castelldefels 11/08. (H), L 0-2. Presentation match against Athletic Bilbao on 16/08, L 0-2 (Muñoz pen, Garmendia).
2 - 18 Aug Athletic Bilbao summer programme
After Lasessare trophy, move to Papendal, Holland, from 1 to 12 Aug. Matches against Aalten 02/08, W 0-7 (Llorente 2, Etxeberría 2, Aduriz 2, David López), Emmen 04/08, W 0-6 (Ion Vélez 3, Cuéllar, Dañobeitia, Muñoz), Avanti Glanerbrug XI 07/08, W 0-10 (Aduriz 4, Iraola 2, Ocio, Llorente, Susaeta, +OG), Baberich 08/08, W 0-2 (Susaeta, Murillo), and Vitesse 11/08, 0-1 (Llorente), match abandoned due to brawl. Take part in Numancia's Duero Trophy 14/08, W 1-3 (Bolo / Susaeta, David López, Llorente) and Nàstic presentation match on 16/08, L 0-2 (Muñoz pen, Garmendia), then own presentation match at San Mamés against Fiorentina on 18/08, W 3-0 (Aduriz pen, Llorente, Gabilondo).
2 - 19 Aug Osasuna summer programme
Matches in August as follows: 02/08 Alavés (Lakuntza), W 1-0 (M Flaño), 04/08 Eibar (Tajonar), W 2-0 (Portillo 2), 08/08 Olympiakos (A), W 0-2 (Portillo, Kike Sola), 10/08 Panionios (A), W 0-3 (Puñal, Miguel Flaño, Portillo), 14/08 Villarreal (A), L 3-0, 17/08 Real Sociedad (Peralta), W 1-0 (Medina), 19/08 Legia Warsaw (H - presentation match), D 1-1 (Josetxo), won 4-3 pso.
3 - 5 Aug Real Madrid in Moscow
After a couple of weeks pre-season training in Irdning, Austria, Real Madrid are taking part this summer in the Railways Cup, hosted by Lokomotiv Moscow, with AC Milan and PSV Eindhoven the other teams invited.
03/08: Lokomotiv 2 - Real Madrid 5 (Guti 2, Higuain, Saviola pen, Balboa);
03/08: Milan 0 - PSV o (3-4 pp)
05/08: Final: PSV 2 - Real Madrid 1 (Saviola).
Champions: PSV Eindhoven.
5 - 14 Aug Numancia summer programme
Numancia presented their new squad to fans on 5th August, with a match against Zaragoza, L 0-2 (Oliveira, Sergio García). They are also playing Valladolid at home on 08/08, L 1-3 (Brit / Ogbeche, Kike, Borja), and Athletic Bilbao on 14/08 in the Caja Duero trophy, which they host each year, L 1-3, (Bolo / Susaeta, David López, Llorente).
7 - 9 Aug Colombino trophy, Huelva
Recreativo hosted another of the big summer competitions, the 43rd time the tournament has taken place. This time only two teams were invited; Zaragoza and Parma, in a three way play-off. Results as follows:
07/08: Recreativo 1 - Parma 1 (Varela / Gasbarroni pen);
08/08: Zaragoza 0 - Parma 2 (Crisci, Castellini);
09/08: Recreativo 2 - Zaragoza 2 (Marcos, Camuñas / D'Alessandro, Sergio García).
Champions: Parma.
7 - 9 Aug Teresa Herrera trophy, La Coruña
62nd edition of the tournament was scheduled again this summer, with Deportivo joined by Real Madrid, Os Belenenses and Atalanta. Dates brought forward to allow Madrid to take part in the Spanish Supercup. Results as follows:
07/08: Deportivo 1 - Atalanta 1 (Carrozzieri og / Pereira), 7-6 pso;
08/08: Real Madrid 1 - Os Belenenses 0 (Robinho):
09/08: Final: Deportivo 2 - Real Madrid 1 (Riki, Verdú / Baptista).
Champions: Deportivo.
9 - 12 Aug XXXVII Teide Trophy
Tenerife are hosting this Canary Island tournament again. Results as follows:
09/08: Tenerife 1 (Ayoze pen) - Universidad Las Palmas 1 (pso 5-3).
10/08: Las Palmas 0 - Sevilla Atlético 0 (pso 6-7).
11/08: 3/4 play-off: UD Las Palmas 1 (Nacho pen) - Universidad 2
12/08: Final in Orotava, Tenerife 2 - Sevilla Atlético 2, pso 4-1.
Tenerife champions.
11 and 19 Aug Spanish Supercup
Two leg fixture between league champions Real Madrid and cup winners Sevilla. First leg played at home of cup winners, Sevilla 1 - Real Madrid 0, with the return a week later in the Bernabeu, Real Madrid 3 - Sevilla 5. Champions Sevilla. See separate section for details.
14 Aug Quinoco Trophy
Celta hosted another of their summer trophys against Portugal's Boavista. Won 3-1 with goals from Canobbio, Jorge and Jesús Perera.
14 - 16 Aug Ramón de Carranza trophy, Cádiz
Cádiz once again host this prestigious trophy, which this year is celebrating it's 53rd edition. Real Madrid and Betis were invited once again, as well as Zaragoza. Results as follows:
14/08: Cádiz 2 - Zaragoza 2 (Dani 2 / Diogo Sergio García). 5-6 pso.
15/08: Real Madrid 0 - Betis 1 (Caffa).
16/08: 3/4 play-off: Cádiz 1 - Real Madrid 3 (Enrique / Soldado pen, Van Nistelrooy, Vázquez og);
Final: Zaragoza 1 - Betis 1 (Sergio García / Rivas), 3-4 pso.
Champions: Betis.
14/15 and 28/29 Aug Champions' League third qualifying round
Sevilla and Valencia enter at this round, with one tie over two legs in an attempt to make it through to the league stage. Both play first legs at home, fixtures as follows:
14/08: Valencia 3 - Elfsborg 0 (Vicente, Silva, Morientes).
15/08: Sevilla 2 - AEK Athens 0 (Luis Fabiano, Kanouté);
29/08: Elfsborg 1 - Valencia 2 (Helguera, Villa);

03/09: AEK Athens v Sevilla.
See separate section for details.
16 and 30 Aug UEFA Cup qualifying round
Atlético Madrid play the second and final qualifying round of the UEFA Cup after winning through their Intertoto Cup final game. Opponents are Serbia's Vojvodina.
16/08: Atlético 3 - Vojvodina 0 (Maxi, Forlán, Agüero)
30/08: Vojvodina 1 - Atlético 2 (Luis García, Raúl García) .
See separate section for details

16 Aug XXXIV Ciutat de Barcelona trophy
Annual trophy to present new squad. Wanted Real Madrid, but in the end they had to settle for Greek side Olympiakos. W 3-2, with one from Tamudo and two from Luis García.
18 Aug - 11 Sep Catalonia Cup
Play this tournament again in the summer. First semi-final at Palamós on 18/08, Nàstic 2 -Espanyol 2 (Oscar López, Rubio / Juanma, Zamora). pso 3-0 to Nàstic.
Barcelona will play the second semi-final on 05/09 against Girona who won through the previous knock-out stages between Sabadell, L'Hospitalet, Girona and Premià. The final is provisionally scheduled for 11/09, the Catalan national day.
18 Aug Trofeo Festa d'Elx
Elche's annual trophy was played against Mallorca this year. Manzano's side won 0-2 with goals from Webó and Tuni.
19 Aug - 9 Sep Under 17 World Cup
The turn of the under 17 side a month after the under 20 version, with Spain taking part in the competition in Korea. The youngsters are currently through to the semi-finals.
See separate section for details.
19 Aug Orange Trophy
Valencia have had problems finding dates for their annual trophy in the past, and once again their participation in the Champions League qualifiers means that they had to fit it in between. Played Italian side Parma, L 0-2 (Budan, Morfeo).
22 Aug Spain friendly match
A pre-season warm up for "la selección" prior to the important 2008 European qualifiers next month. Played Greece away in Salonica, W 2-3. See separate section for more details.
29 Aug Gamper tournament, FC Barcelona
42 nd edition of FC Barcelona's annual tournament took place as usual this summer against Inter Milan (without Figo). W 5-0 (Ronaldinho pen, Giovani, Touré, Iniesta, Motta).
31 Aug European Supercup
Spanish presence in Mónaco once again, UEFA Cup champions Sevilla tried to become only the second club to defend the title against the first club to do so, Champions League winners AC Milan. However they lost 3-1 (Inzaghi, Jankulovski, Kaká / Renato). The match was a tribute to Antonio Puerta, who tragically died a few days earlier.
TBC XXIX Santiago Bernabeu trophy
Real Madrid were due to host this tournament once again this summer against Sporting Lisbon, but the match was postponed due to the death of Antonio Puerta.
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