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UEFA Cup - Fourth round matches

For the first time in eighteen seasons Spain will not have a team in the last 16 of the UEFA Cup after Valencia and Deportivo were knocked out. The competition carries on without them though, with the following fourth round fixtures. (26.02.09)

First leg results:

Werder Bremen 1-0 Saint Etienne Fourth round first leg
Olympique Marseille 2-1 Ajax Fourth round first leg
Dynamo Kiev 1-0 Metalist Fourth round first leg
CSKA Moscow 1-0 Shakhtar Donetsk Fourth round first leg
Hamburg 1-1 Galatasaray Fourth round first leg
Paris St Germain 0-0 Sporting Braga Fourth round first leg
Udinese 2-0 Zenit Fourth round first leg
Manchester City 2-0 Aalborg Fourth round first leg

Second leg matches took place on or around 19 March. Teams qualifying in bold.

Saint Etienne 2-2 Werder Bremen Fourth round second leg
Ajax 2-2 Olympique Marseille Fourth round second leg
Metalist 3-2 Dynamo Kiev Fourth round second leg
Shakhtar Donetsk 2-0 CSKA Moscow Fourth round second leg
Galatasaray 2-3 Hamburg Fourth round second leg
Sporting Braga 0-1 Paris St Germain Fourth round second leg
Zenit 1-0 Udinese Fourth round second leg
Aalborg 2-0 Manchester City Fourth round second leg