UEFA Nations League 2023

A new European competition started four years ago, designed to reduce the excessive number of meaningless friendly games. This is a short tournament, with four teams qualifying for the finals in the summers between the major competitions (World Cup and European Championships). Countries have been classified into four leagues, A, B, C, D, according to their FIFA coefficients, then drawn into four groups of 3 or 4, who play between each other in a mini-league. The top twelve nations (including Spain) make up the four groups in league A, and the winners of each will be the four finalists. Below them there is a system of promotions and relegations, and the sixteen group winners will all get a second bite at the cherry if they fail to reach the finals of the Euro 2024 competition. Spain were one of the top seeds and have been drawn in group A2 together with Portugal, Switzerland and the Czech Republic, playing a couple of friendly game on the dates they don't have official fixtures. (16.12.21)

Spain qualified for the finals, together with Netherlands, Croatia and Italy. Matches will be played in June next year. (27.09.22)

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