Club Ticket Sales Information

Most clubs start the sale of tickets (either at a ticket office adjacent to their ground or from their offices) several days before every home match. With some clubs it is possible to reserve tickets by telephone or purchase them on-line.

Generally, you can expect to find tickets on the match day, but for more popular fixtures you may have to join the queue when they first come on sale. For certain matches, such as Real Madrid v Barcelona, tickets may not be available for general sale.

Ticket offices tend to close for lunch, but normally stays open all day on the match day.

The following information has been supplied to us by the clubs, however, we cannot assume responsibility for its accuracy. For further queries, please contact the clubs directly.

Match tickets are also available from our online Ticket Office. Our agents will deliver tickets to your home/work address, to your hotel in Spain, or you can pick them up from their pick-up points in Barcelona or Madrid.

Club Ticket office Telephone booking Advance on-line booking
Almería From 2-3 days before match
Athletic Bilbao 3 days before
Atlético Madrid 1 day before
Barcelona Up to 1 month before
Betis 1 day before
Deportivo 7 days before
Getafe 7 days before
Málaga 5-6 days before
Mallorca 2 weeks before
Numancia 5 days before
Osasuna 4 days before
Racing Santander 3 days before
Real Madrid From Monday 902 324 324
Recreativo Match day only
Sevilla 5 days before
Sporting 2-3 days before
Valencia From Monday
Valladolid From Thursday (From Monday for important fixtures) 983 360 342
Group bookings only
Max. 5 tickets
Villarreal 964 500 250

Warning! - It is illegal to sell tickets on the black market in Spain. A ticket issued to a season ticket holder for certain non-league matches may not be valid unless accompanied by a club membership card at the gate. So if you are offered tickets, make sure they are genuine as well as not restricted to members only.